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NetBan 4.1

Auto-Manage access time to use Network / Computer, Enhances kid's self-control ability. Supporting Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 perfectly.
Download Size:1.52 MB Supported OS:Win2000/Win7 x32/Win7 x64/WinServer/WinVista/WinVista x64/WinXP
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NetBan is 100% clean and safely, Non Spyware, Non Malware.

Most of kids are lacking of the self-control ability to manage themselves time, therefore, may often indulge in surfing and online games, wasted a lot of time, affecting the healthy, learning, social and life. If you are the parent of kids, if your kids are often dedicated in Internet surfing and online games, as parental as you could be a big headache and worryings, you have to cost unlimited physical or mental energy to manage them.

NetBan aims to resolve all of your worryings as mentioned above, It does make time counting and auto-manage accessing time of Network / Computer, Teaching your kids to enhance self-control ability. thus, you can save lots of time and unncessary troubles at your side, all of you have to do is to give one-off settings for each kid, then letting NetBan to control everything.

Of course, NetBan is only as one of assistants to training your kids, you will still need to further communicate with your kids and guidance will be more effective.

Key features:
1. Controls accessing time for several accounts(kids).
2. Monitoring browsing behaviors comptiable with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera.
3. Password protection for prevent bypassing by kids
4. 100% No affecting other processes you're running.
5. History charts help parent to analyze more valuable details.

6. Alternatively, Makes correct decision to limit accessing time with Network or Computer.
7. 100% compatible with any Antivirus software.
8. Seamless working on WinNT/2k/XP/2003 server/Vista/Win7.

Downloading old version:

NetBan 3.5


How many licenses do I need to buy?

  • Each computer that installs the software needs a license for $39.98 only


NetBan 4.0 is released now!

  • > Control panel is more kindly interface.
  • > [History charts] is renamed as [Hour stats.]
  • > You can check for each browsing URL via [Web stats.], Supports IE,Firefox,Safari,Opera,Chrome.
  • > The time counting is super precision based on mill-seconds level.
  • > Alternatively, You can view the [Hour stats.] in Internet Explorer Browser.
NetBan 3.5 is released now!

  • > Limits accessing time for several accounts(kids).
  • > History Charts help you to analyze valuable details.
  • > Alternatively, Makes correct decision to limit accessing time with Network or Computer.
  • > Strong security mechanisam for prevent bypassing by kids.
User reviews
"Our son was on the internet games for hours and was argumentative when it was time to get off. With NetBan, he has become the child we once knew."
- Debbie C., Johnson City, TN

"I no longer have to police my daughter about her computer time. Amazing yet simple software."
- Craig B., United Kingdom

"It makes my job as a mom so much easier."
- Sandra K., East Bethel, MN

"It eliminates all the arguments."
- Jim W., Frazeysburg, NY

"My husband and I love how simple it is to install and set up."
- Virginia M., Ontario, Canada

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